12' Denali Remote Control Color Changing Cherry Blossom Tree

12' Denali Remote Control Color Changing Cherry Blossom Tree


The most stunning feature of the Denali tree is their scale.  At 12 Feet tall and 12 ft in diameter they provide plenty of vertical light and extends wide to cover an area. These are great center pieces for those who have buffet tables or near a bar area. They are fitting for both inside and out use and can be dimmed with a dimmer switch if desired. 

This Remote Control Color Changing Tree includes 8 colors to choose from including: Pure White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan (light blue), Yellow and Multi Color.

Tree Type: Clear Cherry Flower and Green Leaves

Color: Remote Control Color Change 8 colors total

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor – waterproof

LEDs: 2600

Height: 12 Feet

Width: 10.5 Feet

First Branch from Floor: 43”

Cable Length: 5 Feet

Voltage: 110 transformed into 36volt

Power: 143 watts

Tree Weight: 190lbs

Shipping Weight: 220lbs

Branches: 26

Trunk: manufactured of fiberglass, resin and steel

Expected Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Cost: $4,999

Note: All of our tree are Pat Tested and have CE/BS/US/Rohs certification, the transformer and cable are rated to IP65 International Standards

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Our trees are made with a realistic resin trunk with individual branches that slot into place. They have a working temp of -30 C to 60 C. The best bit is that LEDs last longer and draw less energy than any other light source, making them incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Usage Indoor/Outdoor

LEDs 3072

Height 3M

Width 2.8M

Cable Length 3.5M

Voltage 24V contains a transformer

Power 190W

Weight 102kg

Box Size 163cm x 51cm x 51cm

Cost $3995

Expected lifetime 50,000 hours

*all our trees have CE/BS/UL/RoHS certification, the transformer and cable is rated to IP65 international standards.