9' Popsicle Cherry Blossom Warm White Tree

9' Popsicle Cherry Blossom Warm White Tree


Popsicle trees are perfect for adding height to your venue without taking up too much space, providing clearance for chairs, tables or other obstacles.  They are fitting for both inside and out.  

Tree Type: Clear Cherry Flower with green leaves

Color: Warm White

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor – waterproof

LEDs: 1248

Height: 9 Feet

Width: 7 Feet

First Branch from Floor: 60”

Cable Length: 5 Feet

Voltage: 110 transformed into 24volt

Dimmable with external dimmer (not included): Yes

Power: 70 watts

Tree Weight: 90lbs

Shipping Weight: 105lbs

Branches: 13

Trunk: manufactured of fiberglass, resin and steel

Expected Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Cost: $1,699

Note: All of our tree are Pat Tested and have CE/BS/US/Rohs certification, the transformer and cable are rated to IP65 International Standards

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