9' Flatiron RGB Remote Controlled Color Changing Gingko

9' Flatiron RGB Remote Controlled Color Changing Gingko


Flatiron trees are significant in size and make a serious statement, amazing on their own but make an exceptional orchard. These trees are full and fill any space with natural beauty. They are great focal points at events and can be placed anywhere for maximum impact.  The trees can be dimmed with an external dimmer switch if desired (not included).

This Remote Control Color Changing Tree includes 8 colors to choose from including: Pure White, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Cyan (light blue), Yellow and Multi Color.

Tree Type: White Gingko Leaf

Color: Remote Control Color Change 8 colors total

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor – waterproof

LEDs: 1632

Height: 9.5 Feet

Width: 8.5 Feet

First Branch from Floor: 36”

Cable Length: 5 Feet

Voltage: 110 transformed into 36volt

Power: 90 watts

Tree Weight: 160lbs

Shipping Weight: 185lbs

Branches: 34

Trunk: manufactured of fiberglass, resin and steel

Expected Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Cost: $2999

Note: All of our tree are Pat Tested and have CE/BS/US/Rohs certification, the transformer and cable are rated to IP65 International Standards

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