7Ft Crestone Black Maple - Warm White

7Ft Crestone Black Maple - Warm White


Adding warmth and sophistication to any setting. It’s unique color combination also makes it a firm favorite as a permanent installation in hotels and venues. The Black Warm White Maple LED trees are beautiful inside and out. Crestone trees are ideal on a roof terrace or for framing an entrance.  They are fitting for both inside and out.

Tree Type: Black Maple

Color: Warm White

Usage: Indoor/Outdoor – waterproof

LEDs: 640

Height: 7 Feet

Width: 5.5 Feet

First Branch from Floor: 24”

Cable Length: 5 Feet

Voltage: 110 transformed into 24volt

Power: 35 watts

Dimmable with external dimmer (not included): Yes

Tree Weight: 56lbs

Shipping Weight: 70lbs

Branches: 10

Trunk: manufactured of fiberglass, resin and steel

Expected Lifetime: 50,000 Hours

Cost: $1,499

Note: All of our tree are Pat Tested and have CE/BS/US/Rohs certification, the transformer and cable are rated to IP65 International Standards

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