Our White Leaf LED maple trees make a stunning feature. These LED trees have a soft subtle glow and realistic features making them a wonderful way to add a twinkle to your event. Offered in Warm White Only 

If you’d like to enquire about hiring Luminous LED Light Trees for your event please contact our team @ 303-990-1288 or via email.


12ft Denali

The denali tree is the perfect focal tree for any event.  A common place for a tree of this magnitude is near the food and buffet table.  It provides ample lighting and is absolutely stunning.  

The tree is suitable for inside as well as outdoors.

The tree is 12feet tall and 12feet in diameter.  It has 2496 LEDs on 26 branches, that slide into place.  It is 137 watts and can be dimmed with a dimmer switch if desired.


9Ft Flatiron Tree

Flatiron trees are significant in size and make a serious statement.  Amazing on their own but they make an exceptional orchard.  They are suitable for inside as well as outdoors. 

These trees are often raised on a base or pedestal to raise the height of the lowest branch. Towering above you they create a magical woodland effect.

The tree stands 9feet tall and 9feet in diameter with 1632 LEDS on 34 branches.  It is 90 watts and can be dimmed if desired with a dimmer switch.

IMG_2504 2.JPG

9Ft Lollipop

Lollipop trees are perfect for adding height to a venue without taking up too much space.  The tree LEDs start at 5ft, the branches are bendable enabling them to fit perfectly into most spaces.  The Lollipop trees are suitable for indoors and out.

The tree is 9feet Tall and 5.5feet in diameter and have 1040 LEDs on 13 branches.  It is 60 watts and can be dimmed with a dimmer switch if necessary.


7Ft Crestone

7' trees are ideal on a roof terrace or for framing an entrance.

They are suitable for indoors and out.  The trees can be dimmed if desired with a dimmer switch.

The tree is 7feet tall and 5.5feet in diameter.  It has 480 LEDS on 10 branches and is only 26 watts.


2' Table Top Tree

Our tabletop trees compliment flowers and candles or simply it stand alone for a stunning table display. Perfect for weddings, corporate events and exclusive  dinner occasions. 

The tree uses 3 x AA batteries (included in rental price) which will begin to dim after 6-8 hours of operation.

The tabletop trees are beautifully designed with bendable branches and measure 2feet tall and 2 feet wide and has 100 LEDS.

(please note that there is a minimum order so mini trees are typically rented as part of a larger rental.)